A packing list for Vegas looks a lot different than for any other trip. You’ll have your sleep mask, your hangover cures, and your glitter eye makeup.

But what are you going to wear?

Whether you’re planning to party at the pool, see the shows, or dance the night away, we’ve got your Vegas-style guide right here. Read below or watch the video for even more Vegas inspo.

Daytime looks for Vegas

Vegas brings the heat, especially during summer vacations. Your daytime looks for Vegas largely depend on the activity, but you’ll want to stay cool. Here are some options for looking hot figuratively rather than literally, no matter what you're doing.

What to wear to a Vegas pool party

Cute swimwear and a coverup to go with: these are your essentials for a Vegas pool party (along with ample sunscreen and a sun hat). 

If you’re planning to brave one of the notorious pool parties, be warned that women look their absolute best. To paraphrase Missy Elliott, they got a pedicure and their hair did. These ladies will be wearing full makeup like there isn't a pool a few feet away. 

Vegas pool parties are more about looking like you’re going to the pool, rather than actually doing so. Envision your favorite nightclub, but by the pool during the daytime. That’s a Vegas pool party. It’s a fun atmosphere for dancing, with bumping music and true party vibes.

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